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AP541N WiFi-Connection speed

I tried to get higher speeds than 54MBits, displayed in Windows, which works without any problems for example on the D-Link DAP-2553, 130MBits are shown  doubleclicking the WiFi-Adapter after successful connection on my client.

My client is an Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook E-Series with an Intel 4965AGN WiFi-Adapter, running Windows 7.

After upgrading towards AP541N-K9-1.9(2) the problem still persists, i can´t get higher speeds than 54MBit.

What seems quite interesting to me:

On my MBP, manufactured early spring this year, i used it to configure and test this AP for the customer, everything works fine, i get full-blown 802.11n.

I can switch/change between a/n, b/g/n, use a whole bunch of different settings on the AP541N, the problem persists. I´m not able to obtain higher speeds on my Fujitsu Notebook, while the MBP still gets a functional n-connection with bandwidths far above 100MBit..

Are there known incompatibilities regarding the n-functionality in this environment? Is the Intel WiFi-Chipset the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: AP541N WiFi-Connection speed

I am also having the same problem.

I have 2 AP541 units clustered, both with the latest firmware.

Firmware was the first thing I did on the latest one I purchased since I had DHCP problems with the first one.

(although I still have DHCP problems, even after making the registry change on the DHCP server)

I have all Lenovo laptops, all of which have an Intel wireless card, except one.

Some laptops are g only, but most are n, with cards like the Intel 5100 AGN or 6000 series.

Since the APs are clustered I can get a nice overview of all connected sessions and only one computer is connecting at over 54mbps. (216mbps at this time)

That one happens to be an X200 Thinkpad with a Realtek wireless card and is right next to the laptop Im writing this on, which is connecting at 5 to 54Mbps. (Thinkpad T400 - Intel 5100 AGN)

And even though Im connecting at up to 54Mbps, it feels more like 1 because everything is incredibly slow, local and internet.

The previous old Linksys WRT54G I had worked much better!

Ive tried several different settings on the AP, like setting to 40MHz bandwidth, disabling Broadcast/Multicast rate limiting, auto channel selection, manual channel selection, scanning for interfering networks, disabling WMM and ensuring I had the latest WiFi drivers on the clients.

I just dont know what else to do.

Its kind of embarassing to implement a new AP only to have it work worse than the previous ancient model.

If I take this laptop home and connect to my D-Link draft N router it connects at around 150Mbps.

I am in no way expecting a 300Mbps connection, but it should at least be over 100, else whats the point?

Anyone else having these issues using Intel cards?

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Re: AP541N WiFi-Connection speed the clue...finally:

As we did several tests, it became clear thet obviosly Windows-boxes aren´t able to use greater speeds than 54MBit with WEP (YES, i´m aware of WEPs completely insufficient security features, but the customer needs it for compatibility reasons!) applied. Changed this to WEP, voila, worked with higher speeds than 54MBit.

I forgot to post it here directly after we solved the issue.

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