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cannot connect my android tablet

I just purchased a Toshiba Thrive tablet and I can't get it to connect to my wireless router. My router (WRVS4400N) works flawlessly with my laptop and desktop. I have spoken to a Cisco tech rep and they assured me that there is not a compatibility problem with the WPA-Personal setting I am using. When I speak to a Toshiba tech they tell me I have a router conflict. To verify this I went to my local Starbucks and low and behold it logged right on with no problem (The Starbucks system was not a protected system). This confirms to me that there is a conflict between the router and the tablet.

Toshiba tells me that it is not compliant with Android but it is with Windows that is why I don't have an issue with the computers.

Can someone PLEASE tell me if the problem is with the Android OS and is there a patch that I can install on my router to fix this.


Frustrated in Florida


cannot connect my android tablet


Which version of WRVS4400N do you have? (v2-only) - Set up a second SSID and test with different types of encryptions. Try WEP-WPA2 and without encryption. You mentioned that your android connected to star bucks without any problems (star bucks was using an unencrypted signal). The way it sounds as if your tablet is having difficulties with WPA encryption. If so then the tablet will work without encryption and with WEP encryption. If you choose to set up second SSID without encryption then we can apply MAC address security so only that tablet can connect. If you don’t have V2 hardware then you will need to test this scenario with your pervious SSID.

Hope this helps,


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cannot connect my android tablet


Thanks for your prompt reply. My version is the older V1. After writing this post I was talking with a tech and found that there are two firmware upgrades for my unit. After installing both, oldest first then latest my Thrive now connects without any issues on the WPA_Personal security setting.

I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Have a Happy Holiday season.


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