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cannot roam between uc540 wirerless and Ap541

I installed a an access point AP541 on a UC540. The AP is in the back of the office and works great but the people in the front office connect to the back office AP and not the UC540 wierless. Can they roam between the UC540 and the AP541


cannot roam between uc540 wirerless and Ap541

Hello Russ,

I guess you have to configure WDS between your UC and AP541N. Refer the following document for further details on WDS:

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cannot roam between uc540 wirerless and Ap541

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. Thank you for using the Cisco Community Post Forums.

First I need to know exactly what kind of roaming you are expecting. True seamless roaming is only possible when you are using a Wireless LAN Controller. The WLC is what controls the connections and moves them from one AP to the next best one.

The AP541N does not work with WLC's actually none of the Small Business Wireless Access Points can work with a WLC's.

What the AP541N can do is a Fast Roaming which is different than seamless.Where seamless. Fast Roaming

is where the AP541N can enable pre-authentication, if using WPA2 or WPA2 and WPA.

This allows WPA2 wireless clients to send a pre-authentication packet. The preauthentication information is relayed from the access point the client is using to the target access point. Enabling this feature can speed up authentication for roaming clients that connect to multiple access points.

However there still has to be a drop of the wireless connection to allow the wireless client to connect to the next strongest signal.

Hope this helps.


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