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Captive Portal Help

Hello All,

working with the RV180W and a Ubuntu server I have established a FreeRADIUS server and have it setup for PEAP authentication based on a users file with NTLM encrypted passwords.  This is working pretty well, however I have one problem.  My certificates are self-signed and windows freaks out over it (all mobile OS's, OSX, and Linux work fine).  I'm trying to investigate other options and right now I'm curious, is there any way for the RV180W to use a captive portal setup that isn't the one built in? or is there any way to have the users be authenticated against the radius server I already have rather than setting them up on the router?  I'm open to other suggestions, but I'm trying to avoid paying for certs (I know they aren't incredibly expensive but this is mostly for home use/development/learning) so paying for certs aren't worth it and wanted to see if this was an option.  I will also accept the option of hosting a wireless network that is open but only goes to a page to download an XML & batch file which can be run to add the wireless network to the system (I have this working from USB atm, but trying to develop self-serve options)

Thanks in advance... P.S. very happy with this router so far! its great!

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Captive Portal Help

any advice would be appreciated

Captive Portal Help

Hi Lucas,

I was looking for a solution with my colleagues from the Support Center, but I am afraid the answer of what you ask is no - you can only use the internal database of the router, when using the Captive portal.

Can you use a Captive portal that isnt' the build in? Theoretically yes, if the users in the LAN has as gateway a machine with a captive portal, which will make the radius authentication and only after that will forward the trafic to RV180 and inet.. Unfortunately I cant offer you a practical configuration on this.

If meanwhile you find another solution, please chare it with us



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