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Cisco WAP551 Unresponsive

Please assist. I am getting to a point where I look stupid with Cisco WAP551 being unresponsive every hour. We have recommended these devices which cost more that R3000 each and we bought 10x of them. The problem now is our clients complains that even the cheaper ones where better because we have to reboot this devices every hour because it doesn't authenticate devices until we reboot. Something needs to be done as I have tried to google solution for this and I find no answer.


CISCO PLEASE SORT THIS THING OUT OR WE WILL RETURN IT BACK FOR A REFUND. THEY ARE USELESS AND 90 percent of the time users are complaining that they can't do their job and reach their work deadline having IT helpdesk spending time on their computers to reconnect them.

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What type environment are

What type environment are they in, they could be channel hopping if they are in a busy wireless environment (office complex, or apartment). 

Are the channels set to "auto" or manually set. 

What wireless networks are nearby?

Metageek used to have free tool "Inssider" there is also another at look for wifi analytics.  That will allow you to do a basic site survey to see where and what channel to place the APs. is the latest firmware for that device, what version is on yours?


Are there any log messages in the device?  Logging is turned on in admin-->logging --> enable persistance.  You can also set up a remote syslog server to gather the messages.

You can gather the diagnostics by going to  administration-->support info--> download


The best way to open a case is to go to the  cisco site, support-->open a case

You will need a CCO ID (register in the upper right),  once you get the case number,  Call in (866-606-1866 in the US and canada) and follow the menus for existing case.  That will connect you directly to an engineer who can help you.

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