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Cisco WAP561 - is it possible to optimize configuration for multicast stream via RTP?

Hi everyone,

on my local network I try to receive a multicast stream with wireless clients (Media player / MacBook Pro) connected via two Cisco WAP561 APs. The APs are connected to Cisco SG-300-10 switches which have no problems with the multicast traffic as such. I can receive multicast traffic on all wired clients without a problem (IPTV from the router that acts as an IGMP proxy as well as multicast streams generated with VLC).

The problem begins as soon as I try to receive such a multicast stream wirelessly. The video stutters or stops and shows lots of artefacts when playing. The wireless connection itself does not seem to be the problem. I can watch even huge 1080p files with a much higher bitrate than the multicast streams via NFS from my local NAS without any problem. So my questions would be: Why is the multicast stream causing such problems, and is there anything I can do to optimize the configuration of my Cisco WAP561 APs for such a task?

Best regards


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Cisco WAP561 - is it possible to optimize configuration for mult

Update: After some more testing I noticed that it's not the RTP protocol causing the issue, it's the multicast traffic. During my tests I was able to stream and receive video traffic (even HD files) over the wireless connection without any problem (using VLC, both tried RTP and UDP) as long as it was unicast. As soon as the same video traffic is multicast the problems begin. Any hints on that problem?

Thanks in advance


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