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DHCP from Device hooked into WET200

I needed a small wireless bridge to work with a Polycom V700 videoconference device we will be using for American Sign Language interpretation. It is not a Windows device. I thought about using a Cisco 1242 as a workgroup bridge but that is pretty expensive for what is basically a wireless NIC for the V700. So I decided to try a Linksys WET200. It came of course with the CD that had the documents on it.

I was trying to find out if the device I was putting into an ethernet port of the WET200 could get a DHCP address. It was not in the documentation. So I went to the Linksys web site and when I went to support, it took me to CCO. I thought great. Cisco has integrated this into their web site and I will have greater resources here.

What I found is a regurgitation of the manuals. Nothing else. Q&A was simplistic and just took you back to the manual which I had already read. I have it working with a static IP address but to alleviate some issues with Cisco LWAPP and controllers, it would be best to be DHCP.

I would like to know if someone knows how to get a DHCP address from a DHCP server when connected into a WET200.

Cisco Employee

Re: DHCP from Device hooked into WET200

Thanks for the question. Discussed with the Product Engineer and am including his response:

WET200 is a wireless Ethernet bridge. It does not have a built-in DHCP server. Whether a DHCP Client device (e.g. Polycom V700) can successfully receive a DHCP address depends on its successful communication with its DHCP Server and their correct network environment setup/configurations.

Thanks again for joining the Community.

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Re: DHCP from Device hooked into WET200

I understand that it does not have a DHCP server. However, the V700 would not connect to a DHCP server even though it could ping it. It only worked with a static IP address. However, I will try again with the DHCP.

Cisco Employee

Re: DHCP from Device hooked into WET200

Hello Mr. Merritt --

Can you provide a status update on this issue please?



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Re: DHCP from Device hooked into WET200

I have not had time to work on it since I tested. I will try to get back to it.


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