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Extended Wireless Router for Church

Our church has three buildings, the middle one is our administration office where our internet access point is.  The buildings on the side where built without any wiring.  I want to be able to have a campus wide wireless network that covers all three buildings.  The wireless router I currently have installed works great in the middle building but only partly covers the other two buildings.  I need a solution that can handle all three buildings.

In looking at the Cisco products, it seems the WAP4410N would be a great router for the middle building and then I could use a wireless extender to complete the coverage in each of the other two buildings.  Some questions:

1.  Can I use the HGA9N antenna on the WAP4410N router?  How much would that increase my coverage?

2.  What extender is recommended?

Thank You!

Haley Wilson

Chenal Valley Church

Little Rock, AR

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Re: Extended Wireless Router for Church

My company used WAP4410N. It is a really great equipment but I am not sure if you can use a HGA9N antenna with it.

Re: Extended Wireless Router for Church

Hi Mark and Haley

I was pleasantly surprised when i first  saw that the antennas on the WAP4410N were detachable.  My first thought was,  can I replace the antennas with 'higher gain' antennas. 

I asked that question of a the wireless Product Manager, and he said absolutely not and he went into a discussion regarding balanced received and transmitted signal, benefits of MIMO, internal reflect of transmitted wireless signal ....bla bla bla. 

If you are going to spend some money on a potential antenna purchase, is there any way you can spend some money on just buying another access point to extend the service ?

regards Dave

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