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External Antenna on AP541N ?


Is it possible to use external antennas on AP541N set in WDS mode ?

I would only need to use 802.11g mode 54mbps

I believe that the antennas shipped with the access points are removable RP-SMA

Thanks in advance for any help


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Re: External Antenna on AP541N ?

Yes, its very possible. I am using 2 AP541N in A mode 1 mile apart with 2

2 feet diameter (26dB) 5.8Ghz dishes and I am getting pretty darn close to

"knock your socks off" - 54Mb throughput in WDS - Bridge mode.

I have not tested it in N mode but it should work the same.

I am using LMR600 cable with runs of about 75 feet with

no additional amplifier. I use an RFA-8863 to connect this rather thick cable into

the back of the unit. With 5.8Ghz the cable to the antenna is important. Thats why

I use LMR600 to minimize attenuation. You can try a smaller grade cable if the distance

from the unit to the antenna is small.

Good Luck.

John - Los Angeles

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Re: External Antenna on AP541N ?


What antenna are you using?  Which antenna port on the back of the AP are you using?

We have been extending the AP541Ns with omni antennas, but haven't tried the point to point yet.  I'd be interested to hear what you're using.  Also, was the pointing procedure very difficult?  Were there tools you used to determine that the antennas were peaked properly?

To the original poster, we have used short RP-SMA to N female pigtails to go from the AP541N to lightning surge protectors, then 3x LMR-400 runs up to a radio rail where we use an N-female to N-female barrel adapter and  high gain omni directional antennas.  We have had good success using antennas from L-Com Global in all sorts of gains up to 12 dBi.  We usually go unamplified as they are omni directional antennas, but in certain circumstances have ampliied the signal as well.  If you need any more specific information, please let me know.



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Re: External Antenna on AP541N ?

I am using Pacific Wireless DA58-29 - 29dBi. I am using port #1 on both units.

The port is non configurable so it must be auto sensing.

The dishes were operational for a number of years with older equipment

(Overlan). I just plugged the 2 AP541N in at each end and up they went -

no amps - no peaking tools.

Under status - rogue AP detection I am seeing the associated box

and I have 4 bars of signal. These units are rocket ships. I do not

have clear line of site - few trees and it seems to bust right through them.

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