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How to change Cisco EPC2425 into bridge mode


I need help regarding how to chage ECP2425 into bridge mode. I have Wireless NAS drive router which has its own DHCP and NAT service. At the moment my Wireless Timecapsule (NAS Drive) is in bridge mode and connected to EPC2425 with ethernet cable. Everything is fine. But in order to access my timecapsule over the internet, I need to use its (timecapsule)'s NAT service. For this, I need to put EPC2425 which is my first point of access from internet, into bridge mode or atleast disabled its (EPC2425) NAT service. Unfortunately, I am not been able to find NAT or Bridge mode option on EPC2425. I will appreciate if anyone can help me out in this case. I need to change my EPC2425 router into bridge mode or gateway mode.

Thank you very much                  


How to change Cisco EPC2425 into bridge mode

Hi Azhar,

Thank you for your question.  However, this community is for Cisco Small Business Products and the DPC/EPC2425 is not a Cisco Small Business Product.

Your product is an internet service provider (ISP) supported product.  In other words you need to contact your ISP or technology reseller that you purchased this from to help you with your question.

Cindy Toy
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