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How to configure 2 WAP4410n as AP + Repeater

Hi Everyone

I have a problem. We bought 2 WAP4410n-G5 AP for our customer. I'm trying to configure this two AP as:

1- AP as Acces Point (i have tickled the wireless signal can be repeated by repeter)
2- AP as WDS Repeater (i've chosen the AP MAC adress from site survey)

All of them has the same configuration (SSID, password etc). They are in the same network ( When we are using only first one everything is OK. But i thing there is a problem with the second one. If you are connected by wire to the same network you can open configuration sites from the first and second AP. So those two AP are seeing each other. But when you are nearby the repeater (with laptop) you can connect to the network but you cannot gain IP adress from DHCP. We were trying to configure WEP, WPA, WPA2 TKIP, AES and without any security but there is still a problem. The firmware is the newest from cisco site on both AP ( And it's not the first couple of AP from Cisco for small business with the same problem.  Please help me guys.

And sorry for my bad English.

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Re: How to configure 2 WAP4410n as AP + Repeater

In the repeater you want to check the administration/management section and make sure that you check Wireless web access enabled. That allows you to manage the device when connected to the wireless. Make sure the repeaters are not connected with ethernet. Double check all you SSID security settings. Make sure in the AP you have allowed the repeaters MAC address to repeat. Reboot the AP and see if you can connect to the repeaters web interface.


Re: How to configure 2 WAP4410n as AP + Repeater

Hey team,

Just in case ... here is the link to the user guides:

You can open the link and search for repeater.  The section relevant starts on the doc page 49.

Do please let us know how you make out.  HTH and kindest regards,

Andrew Lissitz

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