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Is my WAP561 slow or overloaded?


We deployed one WAP561.  Users connected to the wireless are reporting slow network connections.  Verified this by switching to Ethernet and getting a fast stable Internet connection.  There are 16 users and 25-30 devices connected to the WAP561 at any given point.  The device is using the latest firmware.  Is there a way to check if the WAP561 is overloaded with traffic or if there is something else causing the issue like a setting on the device that need to be changed?



Hello james1333,For using 1

Hello james1333,

For using 1 WAP561 here is the performance tested listed on the data sheet:



Wireless throughput

Up to 450 Mbps data rate (real-world throughput will vary)

Recommended user support

Up to 64 connective users, 30 active users per radio


Other issues that could cause issues:

Complex passwords, some devices make take to long to to process a complex password and it will cause connection issues and possibly delay in the processing of some devices.

The wireless environment.  May need to use an app like:

This app will also let you know if other Access Points (AP) are using the same wireless channel as you.

Other aspects is your physical environment.  You will want the best line of sight you can get to the AP to eliminate any interference of the signal.

Other than these basics if you need assistance with more diagnostics of the WAP561 I recommend to contact Cisco Technical Support to allow us to take a look at the AP.



Michael D.




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