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is roaming seemless possible in between linksys access points ?

Suppose I have 5 access points placed at a distance of roughly 40 meters......each......and i want to roam without disconnection.....and i keep the ssid same for all A.P of Linksys (lets say any Linksys A.P having wireless N).

question romaing possible between access points automatically (seemless roaming the way we achieve using Cisco wireless controllers) ?

02.I dont want to use Cisco wireless controllers of lets say 2100 series......and Cisco 1100 or 1200 1000 series A.P due to high cost.So i want solution using linksys access points only.

03.My exact scenario is that I want to implement compelte wi-fi using linksys access points for some building having 5 floors.....

04.eah floor has  around 8 a.p and so total around 40 linksys a.p

05.each floor has some switch and all all a.p of a floor will connect to a switch through utp cable  on that floor

06.all the switches of each floor will connect to main switch on ground floor through utp cable.

how can i acheive seemless roaming using linksys products? which access points? any wireless controller for linksys a.p?

thnx in advance

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Re: is roaming seemless possible in between linksys access poi

Unfortunately, seamless roaming is not supported in the WAP4400N or the WAP4410N.  In addition, other access points in the COBO line such as the WAP2000, WAP200 and WAP200E will only support fast roaming.

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