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Issues with WAP200 and DHCP

To all:

   I have a Linksys WAP200 Wireless-G Access Point problem.   It is SW version  I have it configured for a small network and the problem seems to be that it is not forwarding DHCP requests onto my DHCP server.   I know that it is not a SSID or Key issue as when I give my devices static IP addresses, they communicate fine within my system.   The only issue seems to be when the devices make DHCP client requests.   I also know that the problem is not my DHCP server as it has the device's IP / mac addresses in its configuration file and other wired devices are able to communicate with it to get their IP address through DHCP.

I have seen that there was talk in some blogs about WAP200 no forwarding DHCP requests and I was hoping that updating the device to the latest release would have resolved the problems .  It didn't.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Issues with WAP200 and DHCP

As a further note, I am using WPA2 Personnel (AES) as my Wfii encryption


Issues with WAP200 and DHCP

Hi John,

Thank you for posting. What are you using for a DHCP server? What is between the WAP200 and the server?

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Re: Issues with WAP200 and DHCP

I have a Red Hat Linux box that is running /usr/sbin/dhcpd which acts as

my DHCP server platform.

There are 2 PCs connected to a hub (a 4 slot Netgear switch) + the

access point + a connection to a larger network. This is the only

thing between the access point and the DHCP server.

My Wifi Devices would connect through the access point to the local network.


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