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Linksys WAP200 DHCP issues (acces point)


during installation of Linksys WAP200 we noticed the following two issues:

a) The main problem consist of that AP (wifi access point) do not process DHCP request. Any DHCP request is not received when we had to used only one SSID and AP is in VLAN1 (the same problem is registered if are allowed VLANs to AP). Additionaly were created additional SSID - all is working properly.

b) The second and more important problem if is required to make restart of AP or due to outage of electricity, again is not allowed to receive IP address from AP. When is second SSID deleted and again reconfigured is whole communication and functionality restored.

Technical specification of AP:

Model: Linksys WAP 200

Firmware: 1.0.22-ETSI

SN: MO200J500700, MO200J300921, MO200J300922, MO200J300923,MO200J300924, MO200J300925, MO200J300926, MO200J300927, MO200J300928

These enclosed network devices are used in LAN topology:

RV082-EU, Linksys 10/100 8-Port VPN Router SRW224G4P-EU,

Linksys SRW224G4P 24-port 10/100+4Port Gigabit Switch, PoE

SRW248G4P-EU, Linksys SRW248G4P 48-Port 10/100+4-Port Gigabit Switch, Po

Do you have any idea where should by problem or we have to wait on new firmware ? :(

Thanks for help and suggest.


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Re: Linksys WAP200 DHCP issues (acces point)

Hi Pavol,

As with the SRW series switches, the default VLAN (vlan1) is untagged.

VLAN2, VLAN3 and VLAN4 will  obviouslybe  tagged, so the WAP200 supports trunked VLANs.

I have been using WAP200's for both bridging in some applications and just in AP mode for other applications for a number of years, in conjunction with my SRW2008P switch.

But I have seen issues, where after a software upgrade.   I had to reset the AP back to factory defaults and create the configuration again.

Firstly reset the WAP200 back to factory defaults and it still fails, I would suggest you call the wonderful folks at the Small Business Support Center (SBSC) in your country via the following URL;

I must admit I am using the US software 1.0.22 and not the European software :D but it may just be a configuration issue you may have.

I did see software version firmware_wap200v1.0.22.2-ETSI for European countries, i am not sure if that is the software you are using.

regards David


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