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linksys wrv210 problems


I've bought WRV210 to take care of my home office network - secure my cable connection, setup VPN to my corporate net and provide wifi access for 2 laptops and a few other devices (iphones...)

After installing and some initial frustration, reading up on similar issues I changed the MTU size to 1365 which helped my speed and general responsiveness problems for wired connections. These now seem to work just fine for both laptops and the xbox.

Wireless is still terrible on both laptops - ANY downloads hardly get above 20kbps, while they easily reach over 100kbps when plugged in to the WRV210 and even 200+kbps when plugged in just to the cable splitter circumventing the linksys box. What's worse, general browsing is unusable over wifi - websites load maybe a headline, a logo and then sit for 30 seconds and then finish loading. Some wait indefinitely... This can be reproduced on 2 laptops (both vista) and doesn't different between IE, Firefox or Chrome.

I tried tweaking vista MTU size and disabling TCP window size autotuning with no results.

I thought of upgrading the WRV210's firmware, but that's another mystery - the latest available in the downloads section is 1.1.16, while my box came with 1.1.17... If it helps I'm happy to downgrade to 1.1.16 but what it it makes things even worse? How would I get back to 17...

Did I make the wrong choice or is there a way to make it work right?



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