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log - hostapd trying to update accounting statistics, station not found , ] trying to deauthenticate to station, but not authenticated

I am seeing log entries and want to see is security problem.


 Log Message from AP

TIME                Priority  Process Id                Message 

Sep 18 2014 11:0       3        hostapd[941]            trying to update accounting statistics, station not found

Sep 18 2014 11:0       3        hostapd[941]            trying to deauthenticate to station but not authenticated 


arey you experiencing client

arey you experiencing client dropping the connection? You can disable the messages ( priority 3: error )

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yes, I was experiencing

yes, I was experiencing client drops quite frequently.  It has now stopped, we made a few changes.


  1. We disabled netbios over TCP/IP
  2. We set the wireless roaming to normal (from very low, that I had tried before)

With the user's help we correlated the 7042 errors on his eventlogs with his wireless drops.

And with Cisco support we also did the following

  • Set Multicast to 54 (from auto)

  • on the wireless antenna disabled Legacy rates 5.5, 2, 1Mb/s (I lost connectivity to a wireless printer, so re-enabled 5.5)

  • Turned off AP Detection

  • Set Broadcast refresh to 0 (from 300)

  • removed Bandwidth Utilization


After this, we have not had anymore drops in over a week now.

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Was this issue resolved? If

Was this issue resolved? If yes, then how was it resolved? I'm having the same exact issue, but it drops all clients. It displays the SSID, but when someone tries to connect, it gives an authentication failed error on laptops, Android phones, iPhones, and other devices. 

I can sometimes hard reboot the WAP and it will fix itself, but doesn't always work. It will be fine for a week, or two, but the issue comes back. I have noticed it stops pulling a dhcp address sometimes on the WAP. I look at the leased dhcp address log on the Cisco and ubiquiti router and I don't see an address leassed to the WAP. We used a Cisco router and switched it out for a ubiquiti router, but changed back to cisco after a month of issues.

I assigned the address statically to the WAP, but it still disconnects clients. Sometimes the issue changes and the clients are not able to receive dhcp addresses from the router when connecting to wifi. The wired clients receive dhcp addresses with out an issue. I see the same issue on both router I used.

I've been dealing with this for over 7 months now and need to figure it out. Logs attached in word document. I updated firmware yesterday. 

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I have this problem too.

I have a Cisco 371 Wireless access point.

I only have this problem with one client.

The client is a weather station that updates every ~ 5 minutes. So I get a message of

Dec 22 2015 17:45:55   3       hostapd[1389]           trying to update accounting statistics, station xx.xx...... not found

Dec 22 2015 17:45:55   3       hostapd[1389]          trying to deauthenticate to station xx.xx....., but not authenticated

Every 5 - 10 min.

Being a low power weather station, my guess is that it only connect to the access point every ~ 5 min to send its data.

I would like to maintain this log option (severity), so that if other clients have a problem, it will be reported in this log. Ideally I would have it so that this log ignores this client (mac address). Is this possible?


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