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Management VLAN on a WAP371.



When I try and configure the WAP371 to use my management VLAN, I lose control of the WAP.   I am connecting it to my 3750-X stack, and I have the port it is connected to configured as an 802.1Q trunk, and the 3750-X shows the port up as an 802.1Q trunk.   I have configured VLAN 501 as the management VLAN and when I configure the management VLAN on the WAP371 to use VLAN 501, and I set an appropriate static IP for this VLAN, and an appropriate default gateway, I can no longer communicate with the WAP371.   I do know it is properly using VLAN tags, as the other SSIDs are communicating with hosts on the respective VLANs associated with each SSID.   I have tried leaving the untagged VLAN support on, I have turned it off.   I am out of ideas on what else to try.   If anyone else has successfully configured the WAP371 to use a tagged VLAN I  would love to hear about what was needed.



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I have done some more testing

I have done some more testing.   If I use a single digit VLAN TAG for the management VLAN everything works as expected.   If I use a 3 digit VLAN TAG (101 or 501 tested) I cannot ping or connect to the WAP 371 regardless of whether my laptop is going through my firewall / router (pfsense) or if I am directly connected to the 101 / 501 VLANs with my laptop.




My name Eric Moyers. I am an

My name Eric Moyers. I am an Engineer in the Small Business Support Center.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. 

What is the management VLAN that is used on the other parts of your network? I would suggest calling in to open a case with one of our phone engineers so that we can work with you.

Eric Moyers
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