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New Member

mDNSResponder Error over and over


Any idea on this? it keeps doing this over and over.

Jun 3 2014 14:29:07errmDNSResponderERROR: getOptRdata - unknown opt 65002 
Jun 3 2014 14:29:07errmDNSResponderERROR: getOptRdata - unknown opt 65002 
Jun 3 2014 14:29:06errmDNSResponderERROR: getOptRdata - unknown opt 65002
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New Member

It actually seems OSX 10.10

It actually seems OSX 10.10 on a macbook doesnt like WAP's at all, they keep dropping wifi from WAP's every minute, funny fact the macbooks work fine with Airports and Mavericks (10.9) works fine with WAP 561.

New Member

For Cisco: It seems after

For Cisco: It seems after further investigating these issues that Apple has changed something concerning Bonjour/Airplay. With IOS8 and OSX 10.10, mDNSResponder keeps crashing, when you disable this on all SMB Cisco devices, airplay starts working again on the LAN (probably cause mdnsresponder doesnt crash).

Is it necessary perse to enable bonjour on Router, Switch and WAP's or only on one of all these?

You are absolutely correct

You are absolutely correct this is actually related to a problem that originates within something that apple changed in their Bonjour Sleep Proxy. Customer can read more about the Bonjour Sleep Proxy here:

For those that are interested there is a page for helping troubleshoot the issue located here:

Normally the error message that I see is " mDNSResponder: ERROR: getOptRdata - unknown opt 4"

I personally have never seen the "ERROR: getOptRdata - unknown opt 65002"  .

I have only seen this issue as a wireless problem, What I usually tell customers is that if they experience this issue they should disable bonjour on the WAP.

Here is another article on Bonjour, while I can only recommend what to do on the Cisco Small Business WAPs, this article gives another perspective.

Eric Moyers
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New Member

Thanks for the info eric, any

Thanks for the info eric, any idea what we can best do on the WAP's? I also notice that when i disable bonjour on the WAP's that airplay doesnt always show up and sometimes it does, really strange issue, you think this can be fixed with a fw update?

Also do you recommend disabling bonjour service aswell on the RV320 and SG300 switches or leave that enabled?

The problem does not happen with Airport xs point devices.

With me only being a hardware

With me only being a hardware engineer, it would be hard for me to answer that. But just as a guess I would think so. I believe it would require our developers to know what the apple developers did to change the way their bonjour service is working. How much information they are willing to share I cant even begin to speculate on. 

As far as Airplay goes maybe do some packet captures open a case with one of our engineers and see if we notice anything

As far as our routers and switches are concerned, I would do it in a step process, do wireless first if that resolves the issues, then I would leave the rest alone. then working backwards, I would do switch next and then router. 



New Member

Disabling Bonjour is not an

Disabling Bonjour is not an option, when you do that airplay doesnt show up at all anymore and clients are unhappy about this. Unfortunately i do not have time to do packet captures and other stuff like that. I was hoping Cisco would spend some time on this and fix it with a fw update as lots of consumers/businesses will have this problem soon.