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Multiple AP541N dropping clients

I have 3 AP541Ns setup in a small environment.  The wireless clients use laptops to attach, via RDP, to a Microsoft Terminal Server.  They need the ability to walk, with laptop, from room to room, IE roaming wireless clients.  The issue is the clients drop and re-attach constantly and takes up to 5 minutes to re-attach� to the WLAN / RDP session.  Is this a symptom of going from WAP to WAP and is their anything I can do about it?


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Multiple AP541N dropping clients


The AP541N doesn't support true wireless roaming; for wireless roaming you would need to move up to enterprise devices. Now there is an option that should speed up the re-authentication time.



If in WPA Versions you selected only WPA2 or both WPA and

WPA2, you can enable pre-authentication for WPA2 clients.

Click Enable pre-authentication if you want WPA2 wireless

clients to send a pre-authentication packet. The preauthentication

information is relayed from the access point

the client is using to the target access point. Enabling this

feature can speed up authentication for roaming clients that

connect to multiple access points.

This option does not apply if you selected only WPA for WPA

Versions because WPA does not support this feature

In administration guide page 76

Hope this helps,


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Multiple AP541N dropping clients

Even with the customer accepting the fact that they can not do "roaming wireless clients" the performance of these devices is poor at best.  I have used the the enterprise products without issue.  I should have looked through these boards before using the AP541Ns, they just aren't stable.  My next step is support, which looks like is the common theme with these WAPs..  To bad.

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