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New Cisco WAP4410N Access Point Log Problem

I just installed and configured a new Cisco WAP4410N Access Point (hardware Rev.12), which came out of the box with the latest firmware (v2.0.0.5). So far everything appears to run OK but I came across an issue with the logs.

I enabled the email alert and filled in all needed fields and saved the changes. I verified that the emails are sent out the way I configured them (20 entries or 600 seconds). The problems is that when I reboot the access point all the log settings are cleared and set back to default.

Is this a known issue? While it is not a major issue it would be nice to have it corrected in the next firmware release.


Re: New Cisco WAP4410N Access Point Log Problem

This is not a known issue with cisco at the moment.  Can you download the firmware from and reflash the firmware on the wap4410n.  After that do a factory reset and reconfigure the access point to see if that resolves the issue.

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Re: New Cisco WAP4410N Access Point Log Problem

Back from vacation, sorry to see that not much has changed here... Sooo, this problem is (or should be) a known problem, since it has been posted here a few times. I think the answer is also here, but not referencing the log issue directly. Correct me if I'm wrong, but to get all settings to save properly, you must make a change and save from the wireless setup page? It seems that some of the commit buttons just put it in the 'running-config' as opposed to the 'startup-config'. Remember, this is Cisco.

Let me know if this works.

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