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Okay, I'm stuck big time - Can't get response from AP1232AGs

Hi, new to the site and need some help. We purchased 4 AP1232AG access points, intending to use 1 as a router and the other 3 as repeaters. We've spent the past week running power to the repeater locations, installing poles and NEMA boxes, lightning arrestors and 12db antennas. That part went very smoothly.

Now I'm trying to access the APs for the first time and get no response. Cisco states that all the units are set to and that I need to use a console cable from my com port to the console port of the AP. Did that. It also states to use a telnet session to assign an IP, using the setup recommended.

The APs will not respond whether I try a telent, serial or web session. The router center light on all the units is blinking green, which according to Cisco means they are set to the factory and that the radios are disabled. Since it's occurring with all of the routers, I've definitely realized that the problem is operator error. I don't have enough experience to determine where my mistake is being made. I used Indigo to try and reach the routers and the Cisco IPSU as well with no success. I've even tried pinging the router's IP and get no response.

I feel certain that I'm simply overlooking some fundamental and basic task to reach the routers to configure them, but I've been to every technical document on the Cisco site regarding the access and configuration of these routers. I simply can't see my error and it seems like the more I read the bulletins, the less clear it becomes.  I'm now stuck.

Is there an expert out there with these routers that can take a minute to point out where I'm making my error and help me get back on track? I need to get this system up and running.


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Re: Okay, I'm stuck big time - Can't get response from AP1232AGs

Hi Russell - Thanks for visiting the Cisco Community. This section of the community is limited to questions about Cisco Small Business products. You would probably get better response if you were to post your issue here:


Stephanie Reaves

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