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Poor signal on 521 AP's with 526 Wireless Express Mobility Controller

My company recently installed 10 - 521 wireless access points, which are controlled by a 526 controller.  The system replaced another vendor's 802.11b system already in place, so no survey was done.  We are now getting complaints that the wireless coverage is not as good in the furthest areas from the access points.  I should also point out that the AP's are mounted in weatherproof enclosures outside on each floor of a beach front condo.  The condo is cement block.

The coverage needs to increase and we need some advice.  A spot check of five of the AP's finds power levels are set globally from 3 to 6 by the controller.  If we do a custom configuration and increase power to 2 or even 1, what would be the downside of that?  The access points are on each of five floors (two buildings) and they are in line on all floors (i.e. one on top of the other).  Would increasing the power make the AP's interfere with each other?  What other tweaks can be done to increase coverage?  Are repeaters available for use with the controller and access points?

Thanks for your help.

Tony L.

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Re: Poor signal on 521 AP's with 526 Wireless Express Mobility C


Too much of Power might cause interference.  Based on RRM , Controller will automatically set the Power levels so that interference caused is minimal.  Repeaters can also be used but check for interoperability before using. Cisco Autonomous  AP's can also be used as Repeaters. For more information on how to increase the coverage refer the document

Getting Low or Poor Signal Strength with WAP200E.


Re: Poor signal on 521 AP's with 526 Wireless Express Mobility C

“Thank you for your question.  This community is for Cisco Small Business products and your question is in reference to a Cisco Elite/Classic product.  Please post your question in the Cisco NetPro forums located here:  This forum has subject matter experts on Cisco Elite/Classic products that may be able to answer your question.”

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