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New Member

Question about release notes for WAP4410N


I have installed for a client several 4410n WAP and encountered the problem exposed in this thread. I have noticed that a new firmware ( has been released this month (september) and in its release notes there is no mention concerning the problem. I will tomorrow upgrade those APs hoping that it will fix the problem.

I thought that when there is critical problem like that, a company like Cisco would normally do its best to resolve it ASAP, but I must be naive ..

I am really disapointed if the problem is not solved, because I will lose an important client as also I will have to replace the WAP with others of another brand without having my money refunded .. It is a real shame ..

For a long period I was trusting Cisco to be the Leader in network equipments now I feel slightly different ..

Well I hope, that someone will reply and solve.


New Member

Re: WAP4410N stops responding

I'm at the same point as you. I've really strained my relashionship

with the client I installed these with. They just want th

em to work. Yet even after getting the V1's replaced with V2's

and flashing to the latest firmware (, I'm still having the same connection issues and have to power-cycle them ever 24-48 hours.

On top of that the new firmware is buggy as heck! After flashing, I noticed all the form fields in all the settings where missing.  I did a factory reset, which returned the form fields and configured it back with my settings. Checking back a few minutes later, the form fields where still missing and all the check boxes are un-checked. All of them. Now, it's working so the configuration stuck, but I won't be able to change ANY setting unless I do a factory reset. COME ON CISCO! What kind of crap are you pedding these days?

Now I'm going to re-open my trouble ticket and waste more time and and $$ on these cisco junk AP's. The amount of time and resources I've wasted on these "small biz class" AP's, I could have gotten an enterprise class AP. I sure wouldn't get it from cisco now!

New Member

Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Yeah. I think this was the same buggy code they offered me to beta test for them. I gave up on mine and sold them on Ebay. I will never again buy any more Small business Cisco products. I'm done. I wasted to much time and money on phone with their support and uploading my configs. I just went out and bought the 1142N. It works perfect no issues but the price tag is 5X that of the WAP4410N. However I wasted enough time on this to pay for at least 5 of the 1142N's.

Cisco Employee

Re: Question about release notes for WAP4410N

Hello Olivier --

Thanks for posting in the Small Business Support Community. Have you contacted the Small Business Support Center regarding your issue? If not, please do so right away. You'll find a list of international numbers here: Reporting the specifics of your issue to Support Center engineers can help us solve for other customers as well so we appreciate you doing so.

If you have already contacted the Small Business Support Center, please reply with your case number so we can follow up.

Thank you,

Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business Technology Group

New Member

Re: Question about release notes for WAP4410N

Well, decided to call this morning.  Have been on hold for 30 minutes and 3 seconds.  Still waiting.  Is this a normal waiting period?  Or are there so many calls on this device that your engineers are over-loaded.  If they are over-loaded may I make a suggestion?  Every customer who is unhappy with this product should:

* REPLACE said unit with a RELIABLE unit of customer's choice

*** Cisco pays for shipping NEXT-DAY, not weeks or months down the line.

*** Similar product obviously, HOWEVER, allow user to CHOOSE which manufacturer, such as D-Link or AirLink or other devices that run years upon years without issue.

* send a shipping box - postage paid by CISCO - to return this product so that Cisco can evaluate.

Oh, for your edification.  This unit in our office just locked out connections again.  And this is within 3 hours of power cycling the device.

Oh, for your additional edification, a little airlink SuperG is running STILL.  The AirLink is our backup and it has NEVER hung or locked out connections.

I hate to rant, but dang, CISCO has really dropped the ball on this one.  After 45,000+ views of this thread (before it was locked) and the 200+ posts ought to tell Cisco.... HELO.... AK.............

Re: Question about release notes for WAP4410N

Mr. Elis,

My name is Eric Moyers. I work in the Small Business Support Center. I just read about your wait on the phone from where you tried to call in. I am very sorry that someone was not able to get to you sooner. We unfortunalty have been very busy here today. I would like to help you resolve you issue. What are exactly the systems that you are having. If you would please call back to the small business center. Opening a ticket for your issue is very important and helps us to be able to track the different issues as they occur to the customer.

Thank you

Eric Moyers

Cisco Network Support Engineer


Re: Question about release notes for WAP4410N

Hi Elister,

The charge was basically put in place , from what i could tell,  to stop the frivolous calls that seem to hit SBSC, where people can be too lasy to check out the manual.

If the unit is under warranty and phone warranty, that charge should not be incurred.

Warranty statement says;

"This Cisco Small Business product comes with 3-year limited hardware warranty with return to

factory replacement and a 90-day limited software warranty.

In addition, Cisco offers software application updates for bug fixes and telephone

technical support at no charge for the first 12 months following the date of purchase."


If your machine is less than 12 months old, no charge should be incurred.

What concerns me is that the WAP4410N is more than 12 months old.

We recently went through a a lot of pain as a very very low percentage of users has issues with an internal crystal oscillator that was causing Gigabit ethernet sync issues.  As a consequence of this issue we bought out version 2 of the WAP4410N.

I just wonder is your WAP4410N older than 12 months  and does it show a version number on the  label on the base of the unit ?

regards Dave

New Member

Re: Question about release notes for WAP4410N

My unit is version 2.

I just tried the firmware upgrade.  Have not stress tested it as I have been on it only about 5 minutes.  Will let all know how it goes.

This applied to my fw upgrade:

* Power-cycle after the upgrade and after you login (or you are kept logged in).  Why?  I tried to change settings from the default and it would not *seem* to save, and actually at one point the browser hung on "transferring data from..." .  Might be better to ssh in and change the config that way perhaps, not sure, have not tried it.  So I power-cycled and tada, the settings showed in the browser as I had just set them, and subsequent saves did not cause a stuck "transferring data from...." as well.  So I continued reviewing settings and setting them properly, re-booted again.

Again, I have not stress tested.  That may take some weeks before this fw upgrade can show me that it did not cause issues.

At our small-business

OH, Yesl....  CISCO.... On your website for the firmware upgrade instructions the image on the page is "LINKSYS" and the page image is all like the old LINKSYS hardware browser config format.  Sooooooo, Cisco??????..... Cisco?????  Cisco??????, is this here WAP4110N just *another* linksys low-end product wrapped in Cisco plastic with emblam and exhorbitantly more expensive than what it sold under linksys as??????

I am very suspicious now.  Not good.  Dang, I should have screen shot that.... oooooo, I am gonna go do that right now.  Ok, attached is the image.

I hate ranting...  but dang this thing has been miserable....

Also, I did not initially attempt the fw upgrade to because in the forum some poor dude did it and nothing would save, perhaps he ran into the same thing I did but did not power cycle, perhaps not because he said the settings never saved.

Well I will let y'all know how things go.  If I am silent, do not assume happiness because I use a cheapy little airlink wap as backup.  We cannot afford the downtime this 4410 has caused.

Cisco Employee

Re: Question about release notes for WAP4410N

Hello Mr. Ellis -- Thanks for keeping us updated. I look for more updates as you complete stress testing.

Please note the image you attached is in fact from the now-defunct Linksys Knowledge Library. While we believe the Knowledge Libary article has value, we do not plan to update with Cisco branded screenshots.

The actual firmware file is Cisco branded and sanctioned and can be found in the Cisco Software Center here:

Please keep us informed and thanks again for participating in the Community.

Stephanie Reaves

Cisco Small Business Technology Group

Re: Question about release notes for WAP4410N

Mr. Ellis very keen eye, What you see is actually the GUI page for the version 1 hardware of the WAP4410N. The Version 2 as Mr Hornstein noted above in his post was brought out due to some hardware issues, so this version of the unit is totally Cisco. Since the basic directions are the same for upgrading the firmware, the decision was made not update the "How to..." article just for the picture. Thank you for your feedback.

Eric Moyers

Small Business Supprt Center