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"invisible" access point

i have a wap 200 access point very good performing in strenght of wireless signal but also a big problem....i wish to configure it with a userid and a password but connecting my pc at the access point by ethernet cable found wiith access point and typing to view welcome page of device and start configuration, nothing is "invisible" for my and others pc. is there anybody can help me??? thanks and sorry for my english.

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Re: "invisible" access point

You should be connecting the AP to your network switch, not directly to your computer. Then be sure your computer is on same subnet as the default IP assigned to the AP, 192.168.1.* - this is likely why you cant "see" the AP when you try to browse to the web interface for configuration.

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"invisible" access point

ok. i'm gonna trying as soon as possible but, if i well remember instruction sheet, before connecting ap to fastweb hag, it takes to connect ap to pc to configure it.

in any case, when i'll be home, there will be other and other attempts and i'll post results.

for now, thanks a lot.


"invisible" access point


To access the WAP200 interface wirelessly then it has to be configured to accept wireless connections. if this is not configured then you'll have to be on your LAN/ hardwired to access the WAP200 web interface.

For the future , look under the administration tab and make sure Wireless web access is enabled and you shouldn't have that problem further.

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"invisible" access point

finally i found the problem, so thank you everybody because everyone of you got the reason and everyone of you was wrong.

this is the tale of the tape: the ap must be connected to the pc by cable (sorry dschlicht) and, to see the welcome user interface to set it up, it takes to configure pc not have automatically ip assignment but manually (,,

after this, by typing in the browser, pc will be able to see the welcome mask to inser standard userid and password and change them into new.

thanks again everybody to spend your time tryng to be helpful with me.


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