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New Member

Replacing WRVS4400N with New Network router RV180W?

I currently have a WRVS440N v1 working with a WET200 bridge, E1200 router (guest wireless vlan 2) and SLM208 trunking to the router.  I need to support another bridge location but the WET200 is EOL.  Looking to clean this up but I want to keep the 8 port switch and current WET200.  I live in a 3 story house and need to boost the signal to the 3rd floor.  I was looking at RV220W in combo with ??  Would like a repeater on the 2nd floor.  Note: the current router is on the 1st floor and can't be moved because of the wan connection to the cable modem.

Any ideas?

Thanks Steve             

New Member

Replacing WRVS4400N with New Network router RV180W?

Hey Cisco, are you there?  I have another post on the same topic. 

Cisco Employee

Replacing WRVS4400N with New Network router RV180W?

Hi Steven,

Sorry for the delay in responding. If you are thinking of using the RV180W as a repeater, then I would use another RV180W as the base router on the first floor.

Another option would be to get a simple PoE switch and run WAP 500 Series on the second floor which would light up the second and third floors. You would have to run ethernet to the second floor - but performance would be better.

Happy Holidays,


New Member

Re: Replacing WRVS4400N with New Network router RV180W?

Hi Marc,

I ordered a RV180W and SG200-08p last night, Still thinking about a pair of WAP321.  I want to use the pair of WAP321 to run 802.11N at 5Ghz and the RV180 to serve G/N on 2.4Ghz. 1 AP will be wired to the switch and the 2nd will be in WGroupB mode.

I can't run any cables to the second floor, hoping that getting a better router will clean things up. The old WRVS4400N didn't have guess access that's why I setup the E1200 on Vlan2.

Front of house     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  back

Today 3rd FL  Netgear WNCE B/G/N Poor/good                                                         WRVS4400N  B/G/N

           1st FL WET200 B/G               Good/Ex

The Plan

  3rd FL WET200 G-only                                                           in hall                                       RV180W G/N

  1st FL WAP321 N-5Ghz                                                       WAP321 N-5Ghz

Old WRVS4400 connected to WAP

for server.

I was going to turn the radio off on the 4400N and just use it as I switch but, I could leave it on in G-only to feed the 3rd floor on a different channel and sid if the WET200 can't reach the new RV180W.

Your Thoughts?

Thanks Steve

Cisco Employee

Re: Replacing WRVS4400N with New Network router RV180W?

seems like a good plan - Please let us know how it goes Steve.

Replacing WRVS4400N with New Network router RV180W?

Hi Steven,

I'm totaly agree to have a pair of WAP321 with RV180W as base router on the first floor

- On the first floor we can have a RV180W  connected to the SG200-08P (we cover the first floor using RV180W)

- On the second we will have WAP321 on WorkGroup Bridge mode to repeat the signal (we Cover second floor without to run any cable)

- On the 3rd Floor we will have the second WAP321 WDS bridge (repeater mode) from the first WAP321 (on the second floor)

Please if you have any question let me know

Best Regards


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