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[RTMT-ALERT-StandAloneCluster] DBReplicationFailure

Dear All,


I am getting frequently error from RTMT tool as error is mentined below. I need explanation on this and solution also.


It is highly appreciated.

 n Thu Aug 20 11:47:27 IST 2015, alert DBReplicationFailure has occured. Counter Replicate_State of Number of Replicates Created and State of Replication(ReplicateCount) on node ( IP ADD HERE) state value of 3. ReasonCode: Replication data transfer is bad in the cluster.




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Hi Shirin,Is this a Cluster

Hi Shirin,

Is this a Cluster-over-the-WAN scenario? If so it could be a delay problem, you make sure you're not exceeding 80ms round-trip time.

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Hello All, As suggested to me

Hello All,


This alerts is generating due to expiry of CA Certificate. Is it possible?


Thanks to all.




New Member

Replication does not break

Replication does not break due to certificates. Please provide the outputs as asked for.

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Did you recently add another

Did you recently add another node or similar changes.

Kindly confirm the runtimestate of the cluster?

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Please give following output

Please give following output from publisher:

utils dbreplication runtimestate

utils dbreplication status --> pull the logs from the location given

utils service list --> from all servers in cluster

run select * from processnode --> from all servers in cluster

Also get the data base report from Cisco Unified Reporting --> CM Database Status

Execute utils network ping from publisher to all servers in cluster. Similarly for each of the subscriber also. See what results you get?


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