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SA520W & AP541N /AP1252 Wireless bridging

here's our current setup

50Mbps Docsis 3.0 cable -->ASA5505 -->SMC 802.11n bridge --->Cisco AP1252 -->2960G 8 port -  with a 24 port unmanaged daisychained to it ...right now clients only connect on the 5ghz only using  MSRADIUS PEAP to MSFT WIN2008V2 Domain & Wireless bridge is WPA2-PSK on 2.4GHZ

obviously not the best setup...  some things are monitored with CNA others ASDM

can the 520W wireless bridge using WPA2-PSK (or MS Radius PEAP)  to either an AP1252 or an AP541N

we are thinking of UPGRADING ..  to the following setup

Cable modem --->SA520W --->AP541N -->ESW540-24P-K9  (or use the AP1252  Dual Radio's Instead of the AP541N... would the AP1252support Standard POE with this ESW switch ? or require MCS be turned down in power to support both radios.?. or just be able to use a single Radio?  as we were told a 3750G switch would be needed for full 18.5W POE

instead of using 2.4ghz for the bridge & 5ghz for the clients.. (since the AP541N only support 2.4 or 5GHZ switchable not both) can both the clients & bridge all use MS Radius PEAP to Win2008 PDC or would we be forced to use WPA2-PSK  with the SA520W & AP541N solution

can this all be managed using a single tool...?  and if so  what are the differances between CCA & CNA as they  basically appear to do the same thing?

our other thoughts were   an intergrated router with Cable modem 802.11N & Gigabit in a single box.

we looked at the 1941W problem is it doesn't support a Docsis 3.0 HWIC (only Docsis 2.0)  but we could have an IPS Module + Gigabyte switch card.. for a "single box solution.." but the cost was too expensive for a small business..

thanks again for your assistance as Cisco appears to have many overlapping products.


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