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SAP-2602I-B-K9 Firmware

We are currently having issues with the SAP-2602I-B-K9 access point. We have received some AP's with version 15.3(3) JA8 firmware loaded and they seem to be working fine meaning that all configurations and channels are available to select and save. The newer units have 15.3 (3) JBB loaded and it seems that the number of available channels is reduced and when trying to save them it errors with a page not found and the configurations not saving. In trying to get newer versions to work, we have tried to upgrade them to a newer version of firmware and also back down to the JA8 version but it renders the units inoperable and crashes them. The questions I have are:

1. Can the newer units be downgraded (or Upgraded) to a version of firmware that will allow them to have all the available channels in firmware JA8       and the ability to save the configurations?

2. The units that have crashed, can they be recovered and is there a procedure available to do this?

3. Are there any known issues with the 15.3(3) JBB firmware that have been reported?

Thank you for the support and we look forward to resolving this matter ASAP as we have many sites that are experiencing this issue.

David Gagne

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA.

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Are you sure they are all

Are you sure they are all from the same regulatory domain (have all -B- in their model number)?

If you take out a Cisco SmartNet contract on the APs you can download whatever firmware you like.

That train you are using is currently up to 15.3.3-JBB6 - aka the 6th patch release.

Units can be downgraded and upgraded but that does not usually affect the number of channels available.  That is an issue of the regulatory domain.

Looking after many standalone access points is really painful.  You should consider using a centralised controller to do this (assuming all the sites have IP connectivity).  If there are less than 75 AP's you could use a little Cisco 2504.

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