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Setting up guest network on a different vlan (wap 321)

I've bought a Cisco wap 321 and a 26 port switch with Poe to power it.

I'm pretty new to network management and I have a problem with my set up that I need help with.

I want to have two wireless networks - one for me and my family, and one for guests.

I want to separate these networks on different vlans and have thus created a guest network on vlan 10 on the wap in addition to my internal one on vlan1.

For some reason I can't get the guest network to work. I think it has to so with untagged vlans settings on my switch but I feel like I've tried everything without success.

Please help me with how to set up the AP with regards to tagged/untagged as well as the switch port that the AP is connected to.

The switch gets internet connection through port 25 from my ISP router. Do I have to change something on this port as well? Or on the router?

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