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Single SSID network composed of 4 wired WAP321 for hotel

After doing a pre-sales chat with Cisco rep about my needs and budget he suggested the WAP321 and I purchased 4 and a Cisco POE 8-port switch. I have all 4 spread accross the building (small hotel with restaurant). Each is wired with power and data via Cat5 from the Ethernet switch which also has a very basic broadband router with a dedicated public Internet address on the WAN side. I asked the Cisco rep the following question to be sure these units could do what I need:

>>Me: I need the access points to work as 1 wireless network

>>Edwin: That is possible through configuration. But it will be much better if there is a controller in place.

>>Me:But these units when made part of the wireless network with act seamlessly as 1? For instance if someone is walking around will they stay connected as the move into the coverage area of another 321?

>>Edwin: Yes, you can configure them that way.

I am not sure exactly how to accomplish this. Do I configure each unit using the wizard to have exactly the same SSID and passphrase (WPA-personal) then use the WDS feature to make them all seem as 1?

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Single SSID network composed of 4 wired WAP321 for hotel

Hello Michael,

You are on the right track. You can use the WDS feature to configure the AP's as a single system. You can use point-to-point or point-to-multipoint architecture. (Page 88)

Step-by-step procedure to configure WDS can be found here:

Hope this helps.



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