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VPN Issues in WRV200

Hi Engineers

I having difficulties in configuring the PPTP, and IPSEC Vpn.

1. when configuring the PPTP using the Quick VPN Client, It always go to this way, Connecting>Activating Policy>verifying Network-from this state takes some time, and finally tell you" the remote gateway is not responding. you will now be disconnected.please try it again later" my status in system tray is green and upon checking the VPN status in the router, i am connected.

I even try the MIcrosoft PPTP or L2TP client i got an error of 678 or 800, but im sure my username and password is correct.

2. Using the IPSEC, im using the GreenBow VPN Client, in the first place it works, after some time it will get disconnected and cannot open a tunnel again unless you try to upload a firmware again, sometimes it will work again after rebooting the router.

Im using the latest firm 1.0.39

Please advice and thanks in advance.



Re: VPN Issues in WRV200

Error 678 is usually pretty "early in the game". It tends to indicate not even basic initial connectivity. You just verified Internet access, and although the Windows firewall may come into play, not likely at this point. Since you know your VPN works at the server end I would verify there are no typo's in the the VPN client. The 678 would tend to indicate it cannot find the VPN access point. Does your client configuration uses the server site's IP or a domain name. If using a domain name try the IP as a test, or make sure the name is being resolved correctly by running at a command line

New Member

Re: VPN Issues in WRV200

Thanks for your email,

in WRV200 VPN router, im using static ip and i even used the dynamic dns for testing purposes,

I verified that there is no typos, still got the same problem.



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