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WAP 4410n Multiple SSIDs and Vlans


I am looking for more detailed explanations concerning the multiple SSIDs feature and Vlan with AP WAP4410n

I am actually in charge to deploy a wireless network through a villa, there would be Pcs as also other wireless such as Lutron equipement (Creston like equipment).

I have been asked to create to different wireless networks one for the Pcs and another one for the Lutron equipement. I thought acquiring WAP4410n AP would be a good idea as they provide multiple SSID feature as also Vlan capabilities. But I would need a better aproach prior to purchase this kinfd of product.

What would you advise me to do ..?

Thank you very much in advance.


PS.: What kind of switch would I need to manage vlan ? Catalyst 2600 series ..?

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Re: WAP 4410n Multiple SSIDs and Vlans


The WAP4410N is capable of operating in 3 different modes. It is by default an AP (base station for other wireless clients, basically a wireless switch). It can operate in bridge mode to link two wired networks, or it can be a wireless repeater (kind of like a wireless hub) where the signal is just received and then sent down the "line" (over to the next wireless device). This wireless AP just tags the packets like a switch would except according to the mac address in it's mac table (where as a switch would tag it according to port received on), and then sends the packet to the attached switch/router for processing. Depending on the number of vlans and the complexity of the configuration, I would recommend the SFE2010 or SGE2010. If those are too pricey, I would then look at the SRW model. This all depends on the number of ports needed and the type of management/feature set you need.

Best of Luck,


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