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WAP 4410N Question


I've 2 WAP4410 and would repeated the wireless signal from the AP1 to the AP2. Dumb Questions: :-)

My Config:

- AP1 configured as Access Point (Checkbox selected: Allow wireless signal to be repeated by a repeater with MAC of AP2)

- AP2 configured as Wireless Client/Repeater (Checkbox not selected, but with SSID/MAC from AP1)


It doesnt work, signal strenght near AP2 is poor

How must be the Security Configuration on AP2, must it be the same as AP1?  I have even set the correct mode?

Can i use the LAN-Port of AP2 to connect to the AP1? (Behind AP2 is a PC without Wireless)

Firmware is

Thanks mate for your Help

Greets Patrick

Community Member

Re: WAP 4410N Question

You will definitely need to tick the "Allow wireless station to associate" checkbox on the client/repeater AP, otherwise it will be impossible for wireless clients to connect to the repeater. Otherwise, you could try the WDS repeater mode. You may actually be better off with WDS mode - I've heard various things banded about regarding client/repeater being faster, which may or not be true, but WDS is certainly more transparent.

I would say that, in client/repeater mode at least, the client wireless security settings will want to be the same as the host AP, as any wireless clients local to the repeater will associate with the repeater itself. The host AP will only see the MAC address of the repeater, and not the individual clients. Mind you, I've never tried setting up a wireless repeater myself, as I don't particularly like the idea of wireless as it is, let alone with repeaters, so let us know how you get on!

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