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WAP200 - No ethernet connection?

I have a new WAP200 and am trying to connect to a 3560 PoE switch. Initially, the WAP killed the port because the bpduguard kicked in and disabled the port. I removed the bpduguard, and now the unit initially makes connection, then the port does not see it at all and no ethernet traffic is being passed. I feel sure this is a port issue, but I have removed virtually any setting from this port and still cannot make a connection to the switch. Port settings are:

interface FastEthernet0/24
macro description cisco-wireless
power inline never

I can make a connection using a reverse cable, hooking between a PC and the WAP200, so I do not think it's the port on the WAP.

Anybody have any ideas??

Community Member

Re: WAP200 - No ethernet connection?


It is always best to configure the WAP device directly connected to a computer first, make sure on the WAP you change your ip settings and set a static ip in the same subnet you are running and set the correct mask, gateway and dns pointing to whatever router you are using.

After making sure all of that is properly configured connect it to your switch and see if you have access to the GUI of the wap from a computer connected to your switch, do some ping tests as well.

If you still cannot talk to the unit after doing the initial configuration and properly assigning it the static ip within your subnet and pointing it to your gateway then you should propably focus on your switch and contact enterprise support for further assistance.

Their number is 1-800-553-2447


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