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WAP2000 PoE/VLANs loosing Config

Hello everybody,

i have 4 WAP2000 configured with VLAN (sure one for management) connected to an linksys srw244g4p poe switch. I can configure the APs and even with the VLAN Setup they are working fine. I can access them connected to an trunk port and work.


After sometime with no reason (ofter after a reboot) they seem to somehow "loose" the configuration, meaning are neither accessible via WebGUI nor pingable. In lack of a serial port i can only reset them to factory default (which is difficult) and reinstall it. Then they work again very fine, until they loose their config again.

Two of the four were already in service, but it didn't help.

can anyone help me with this? I need urgent help as this installation should go in production in a few days.


Additional Info:

The APs are running the latest firmware

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Re: WAP2000 PoE/VLANs loosing Config

Thank you for contacting Cisco Community.

Allow me to ask; Are all four WAP's unreachable?  Are they all connected to the same switch?  Have you verified that you can ping other devices on the LAN?  Do you have another POE switch to swap out?  Have you tested one of the WAP's on the network using it's power cable?

Have you logged into the switch to verify the power usage per port and it's status?

Try to isolate the issue.  There are several factors to rule out: Switch, cabling, PC, etc...



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Re: WAP2000 PoE/VLANs loosing Config

Thanks for your reply.

No, not all 4 are unreachable: Let me give you an an example: Yesterday, 3 of them were working normally, and one not reachable. After resetting and reconfiguring the one not reachable, all 4 were working fine. After a shutting down the installation and starting it up again today, only the one which was reconfigured is working and the other 3 other are not reachable. Strange, uh??

What i tried/checked is:

- Power Consumption (they are all on the same switch), seems correct

- other devices on the same/other vlans on the same switch are rechable

- i do not have another poe device :-(

- not tested with power, will do that

any other suggestions?



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Re: WAP2000 PoE/VLANs loosing Config

Yes Sir,

That is rather unusual.  I suggest calling into our support center for a more in depth troubleshooting of your devices.  Perhaps there's a conflict or POE issue.

You can reach the support center at 1-866-606-1866 USA/Canada.


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Re: WAP2000 PoE/VLANs loosing Config

WAP2000 PoE Loosing Configuration:

Some times this devices have configuration issues, in any event  the best practice to correct this problems...

-Down and upload the latest firmware "AGAIN"

-Factory Default the unit


-Do not upload any previous SAVED configuration

-Make sure that the connection is appropriate meaning all ports and wire are solid

After performing this steps you still have the same issues please contact us at 866-606-1866 US/CANADA


Re: WAP2000 PoE/VLANs loosing Config

Also when defining your vlan's make sure they don't have any spaces between the names,no _, when the config tries to reload it can't properly reload vlan information, if there are spaces,dotes,under scores,etc.please make it one name.


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