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WAP200e looses connection

I have three WAP-200e access points each equipped with a high gain antenna. One of them is located on the roof of one of our main buildings and is connected direct to our LAN. The other two are mounted on remote buildings about 150yards away. I have clear line of site to all three access points. All three have worked fine for about a month then one of the started loosing connection for no apparent reason. The only way I can get it back up and talking is to reset it, and then it may work for a day or two. As a test I switched the location of the one that works with the one that is giving trouble. The problem seems follow the WAP200e. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do next before sending it back??

Thanks Bill


Re: WAP200e looses connection

Hi Bill,

I wil ask the following questions, even though you said that the problem follows the AP.

1.  Are you bridging between AP's, like my rough diagram below?




I am wondering how you set up the AP mode, bridging table.

AP-A   should have a MAC address of AP-B in it's AP mode Bridge table

AP-A   should have a MAC address of AP-C in it's AP mode Bridge table

AP-C and AP-B  should have only the MAC address of AP-A in it's AP mode Bridge Table.

If AP-B and AP-C have each others  MAC addresses in  their AP mode bridge table then a loop may occur which will cause loss of the wireless connectivity.

2. Also,  check that you have physically sealed the antenna patch cable connector onto the AP with something like Scotch 23 vulcanizing tape, to stop any chance of any moisture from running down the antenna  patch cable and entering the N-type female connector on top of the WAP200E.  Moisture seepage into the N-Type female antenna connector on the WAP200E will cause issues.

3. As a last resort, I would reflash the AP with the current Operating system Version 1.20a and reset back to factory defaults and try one last time.

It would be interesting to get more input from the community regarding this issue.

regards Dave

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Re: WAP200e looses connection

Dave Thanks for your quick reply.

My problem may well be the addresses conflicting see the attached drawing. I have reloaded the firmware in all three APs. Also I was not aware that the antenna connectors needed to be sealed I will take care of that.

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