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WAP321 cannot update firmware - web-interface timeout

Hello all,


I have a Cisco WAP321 AP with firmware The download speed is around 0.1 Mbit/s even though the wire has 100Mbit up/down. The device has PoE and is connected to an HP Procurve 1905-PoE. I have other devices connected to this switch and they work just fine.


I've read a few threads about other people having this exact same problem and that a firmware update did the trick.


I have downloaded firmware and I'm attempting to do an upgrade but unfortunately the web-interface always gives me a timeout.


I would really like to upgrade the firmware and have the download speed back to normal.


What can I do here?

New Member

Hello wap321,       You can

Hello wap321,

       You can try going to Administration > HTTP/HTTPS Service>Session Timeout and change it to 60 minutes and then test the upgrade.  Hope this helps.

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Hi, I managed to do the



I managed to do the update but it was a PITA. I had to connect a power supply to the AP and it to my computer (I did a factory reset beforehand). Only then did it actually initialize the update. Considering this is a Cisco, I am profoundly disappointed in this product. 


Nevertheless, it worked. I will test the wifi speed with different settings tomorrow.


Such a PITA this device.....

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