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WAP321 deauthed from BSSID

We are receiving lots of drop outs on our WAP321.  My line manager is asking why I insisted in getting a Cisco unit, and I'm getting it in the neck from all the users, so I'm reaching out  to the community for some help - I hope you can assist.

Nobody is further than 8 metres from the AP which is desk mounted in an open office (there are 10 of us in total). 

I have checked with a wi-fi analyzer and fixed us on channel 9, there are only two other networks in range and they are on 5 and 12 respectively.

The logs say the clients are disconnecting for multiple reasons:

reason 6: Class2 frame received from non-authenticated STA
reason 8: Sending STA is leaving BSS
reason 4: Disassociated due to inactivity
reason 3: STA is leaving IBSS or ESS

And my favorite:

reason 1: Unspecified Reason

I am happy to provide any information settings etc you think may be causing our woes.  Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Please referhttps:/

Please refer

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Thanks salodh but I have read

Thanks salodh but I have read that along with every other article I could fine in the Cisco forums relating to WAP321 and disconnecting clients.  I have tried the changes, reset and and suggestions in that post but they did not resolve the problem.  Thanks for reaching out though.

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También tengo este problema

También tengo este problema con mi equipo y lo malo es que ya se me termino la garantía, me gustaría saber si alguien sabe de un método para determinar si el problema es de hardware.


I also have this issue, but I have no warranty anymore, could somebody tell me about a technic or software to check the hardware status of this device, in order to figure out if the problem is a but configuration?.. In advance thanks.  CISCO WAP 321

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The log of the failure

The log of the failure

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