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WAP321 vlan trunking to ASA, two SSIDs


I need to determine if the WAP321

  1. is capable of supporting a configuration that we routinely perform on Enterprise Access Points in Autonomous mode (not connected to a Cisco controller). If you are familiar with Cisco’s Autonomous access point configurations, you can look at the sample configuration I’ve attached and immediately see what I’m trying to accomplish.
  2. How to configure if it is capable of this configuration

This is what we need.



One private

One public hot spot


Two vlans

One for the private traffic (can be vlan 1)

One for the public traffic  (vlan 30)



All traffic leaving the AP must be tagged frames. Cisco calls tagged frames Trunking.

The AP port will  connect to a Cisco ASA 5505 PoE port with the following configuration:


interface Ethernet0/6

description *** AP Connection ***

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,30

switchport trunk native vlan 1

switchport mode trunk


One can see from the sample configuration independent vlans are facilitated with dot1Q encapsulation on sub-interfaces for the Ethernet port and the radios in my example configuration. I cannot determine if the WAP321 can accomplish this or how to accomplish this.


I need a procedure. Thanks.

Community Member

Yes, you can and set up was

Yes, you can and set up was very easy. On your AP all you need to do is point vAP to the correct VLAN; in your case you will type 30 for your public vlan.

I have similar set up except my public VLAN is 3 and all I did was type correct VLAN ID under vAP and everything worked as expected.

My ASA config looks identical to your yours.

interface Ethernet0/6

 description 802.1q Trunk to AP carrying inside & DMZ VLAN's
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,3
 switchport trunk native vlan 1
 switchport mode trunk



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