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WAP321 with two SSID setup help! (RV016 router)


This is what I'v got.

4 x "Cisco - WAP321" (access points) connectede to a "D-Link - DGS-1008P" (POE Switch) connected to a "Cisco - RV016" (router) connected to the internet. DHCP is only on the router. AP's got static IP's.

The 4 x "Cisco - WAP321" are running in a cluster, with two SSID. PrivateNet (Vlan1) and GuestNet (Vlan2).

I can use the PrivateNet (Vlan1) and access everything on the LAN. But I cant seem to figure out how to configure GuestNet (Vlan2).

How can I configure two Vlan, entering one port on the router (going trough the POE switch) so that Vlan1 will remain as it is working now and Vlan2 only will have direct access to the Internet, and no access to the LAN?

Does Vlan 2 need to have different IP range than Vlan1?

Looking forward on getting some guidance :)

Cisco Employee

Hello,The following link may


The following link may help.



Community Member

Yes, it did somewhat help.

Yes, it did somewhat help. Maybe someone could confirm, the following: This setup will not work with two SSID's (two vlan's) on the WAP321, because there can only be one vlan attached to each physical port on the RV016 router, and the switch does not support vlan. Is this correctly understood?

Hi blabla, the RV016 only

Hi blabla, the RV016 only supports port based VLAN. So without a lot of extra help it will not work.

If you're absolutely determined to make it work, you can enable multiple subnet on the RV016 then assign static IP address to hosts that use whatever subnet the RV016 does not give DHCP for.

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