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WAP4400N firmware upgrade

After much investigation I finally found what I thought was the firmware upgrade for my WAP4400N access point, I downloaded the file which is a .img file which seems a bit off I think.  Anyway when I go to the admin page it decides its an unknown file format.  Could someone explain what I am supposed to do with it!

I have to say I am very dissapointed with the whole support function of this site it is very hard to navigate and when you do think you have the correct link, its not. How very helpful!!!  I suppose there are networking gurus who look after multi 1000 user systems who understand how the site works and think its fantastic.  I support 5 PC's and 7 laptops on top of my normal job, it should be easier.


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WAP4400N firmware upgrade

Hello Bill Doodson,

my name is Friedrich and I work in the Small Business Support in Europe.

Please go to the link download the firmware, please note that there is a WAP4400N and a WAP4410N.

save to eg to your Desktop. Go to the firmware upgrade side  upload the file. Once completed please a factory reset  your WAP4400N.



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Tthe file is not available anymore, please tell me how to download WAP4400N Firmware Version 1.2.19   for North America.




WAP4400N firmware upgrade

Hi Bill,

Thank you for posting. There are two different versions of firmware for the WAP4400N, one is for devices in Europe and it will not load on a North American WAP4400N.

WAP4400N_R1.2.19-ETSI_09112008.img (ETSI = Europe)

WAP4400N_R1.2.19_09112008.img (North America)

Make sure that you dowload the correct version for your device. Sorry about the confusion. Please let us know if this works or if you need further assistance.

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Now it says no longer

Now it says no longer available to download. 

Where can I download it?

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