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WAP4410N and next firmware?

I noticed the recent post concerning the upcoming firmware for the WAP4400N, and so I'd like to ask the same question for the WAP4410N. It seems that firmware 1.0.12 has been around a long time, and has some distinct issues. May I ask the current timeline, the expected firmware version number, and a synopsis of bugfixes and/or new features?

In addition, if anyone has any experiences they'd like to share about these 4410s, I'd like to hear it. I have seen just a few too many forum entries about basic stability of these units, but I do need the features that the 4410 has. I am about to deploy 7 of these in a campus config, with dual SSIDs on dual VLANs, one encrypted and non-broadcasting for secure staff access, one open and broadcast for guest access, then controlled by an external hotspot controller. We go live in one week, and while I doubt my job depends on the performance of this network, my mojo certainly does.

My notes:

-Bug: If I configure logging and automatic email, save it, reboot the AP, all settings are disabled.

-Bug: If I clone using the export file, I get inconsistant results. I eventually factory reset all and built by hand, one by one. Also if you read the config file, there are at least two bad misspellings, such as HTTP_Rediret=0  and IPv4_Pirmary_DNS. Just a bit disconcerting.

-Feature requests: It would be nice to have some of the basics like associated clients w/MAC addresses, xmit power control, site survey, etc. The feature set is lighter than some consumer grade APs.

Thanks in advance for any info.


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New Member

Re: WAP4410N and next firmware?

Hmmm, it would seem that a bump is in order. Has nobody anything to say about the WAP4410N?

Cisco Employee

Re: WAP4410N and next firmware?

Thanks for your post. Our wireless engineers are addressing the issues you described. Please stay tuned for upcoming firmware releases.

New Member

Re: WAP4410N and next firmware?


I hope there will be a new firmware version...

There is also a problem with IPv6. I am unable to save an IPv6 IP as gateway, which is entered manually. After saving, i only get a blank site and its not saved.

SNMPv3 support would be also nice, as the WAP4400N has it...

New Member

Re: WAP4410N and next firmware?

Hello all,

I was just looking for an update, and it looks like the WAP4410n is a bit of a problem child. Here's hoping a well QC'd firmware update will address it's shortcomings. So in this post I'dlike to directly ask Cisco: What is the current status of the firmware project? In particular...

-Target date?

-Expected version number?

-Bugs fixed?

-Bugs acknowledged but not fixed. (yet)

-Bugs not acknowledged. (weak joke)

-Feature enhancements, if any.

I guess I'd also ask the community this:

If you could have an interim firmware that is stable with absolutely no new features now, or wait for a polished new product with every feature you dreamed of, which would it be?

Everyone who has complained about the WAP4410n should make sure they've done their research on this site, because there are a lot of repeats of the same complaints. Here's a short list of what I've seen, please add anything I am missing:

-Unit hangs and requires hard reset. Possibly related to large file transfer or extended uptime.

-Very poor response times while in -N mode, as high as 1000ms.

-Auth with WPA2 Enterprise fails after certain amount of uptime.

I have my own feature requests, such as Site Survey and client lists, but hey, let's work on the bugs first.


New Member

Re: WAP4410N and next firmware?

Can you add radio timer to the firmware. Need to turn ssid off and on at specific times.

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Re: WAP4410N and next firmware?

I discover much latency and packet loss when running 802.11n, have tried with one HP Laptop with Intel Wireless card running Windows 7 RC and one ASUS eee (i'm not sure but I think it's a Atos Wireless card) running Windows XP embedded. I don't have the ASUS here anymore so I can't tell for sure what NIC that resides in it.

I tried with default settings for 802.11n and also with Channel Bandwith set to both 40Mhz and Auto, also tried to set CTS Protection Mode to Auto, but still the problems are there. Havent tried to change any other settings.

The Intel NIC in the HP laptop is a 4965AGN running Microsoft driver version

I tried with 3 difrent drivers on the ASUS Laptop, all drivers same result.

I've also tried moving both the access point and laptops around in my (wooden, (no concreete :))) house, to sort out any signal disturbance. The 802.11g/a is working fine. If I turn of 802.11n on the access point everything is working fine.

So I think it's either error in my configuration or a Firmware issue.

New Member

Re: WAP4410N and next firmware?

I changed all 802.11n (Advanced) settings back to default, execpt for Regulation Domain (802.11d), and went to the Administration Page, and clicked on the reboot button. And everything works fine, went from response time of 1000ms+ to 3ms, and got rid of the packet loss.

Seems that settings aren't saved until you do a reboot, from whithin the web-pages. (Have tried serveral times to disconnect and reconnect the power cord earlier when it's not working after changing settings, but that didn't help.)

So it would be nice if you could test some more around the saving of settings, and fix problems that may come up in the new firmware release.

New Member

Re: WAP4410N and next firmware?

Hi Cisco or Linksys,

I'm also having a lot of issues with WAP4410n as described by most users here in this forum. The AP is just unreliable. It will require a power cycle every few days, failed when transfering large files, and connections tend to drop off the radar or AP failed to respond to ping request.

I've tried switching to Auto Channel Selection, using 20/40 frequency band, limit utilization, force it to use specific Channel, different ssid ... bottom line is nothing works!!!. I've got 4 units of this crap and I've made installation to replace my customer existing Wap54g (which i must say is much more reliable than wap4410n). It's been almost 3 months now and all the hype about having a new firmware is not coming.

I've already informed my distributor that i'll have no choice to return all the 4 units and swap it with Wap54g. Linksys under Cisco is suppose to produce better products!. THe good would have to be considered "INFERIOR" and broken!. RMA wont fix it until CISCO LINKSYS Tech team come up with a solution!.

Please get your act together and give us a workable firmware whereby we can deploy your product successful and stop making us look like fools infront of our clients with Inferior products.



New Member

Re: WAP4410N and next firmware?

This is absolutely ridiculous!  I should have done more research on this unit before purchasing one for my client.  It's completely unstable and constantly has to be rebooted, and the large file/data transfer issue is crazy.  I can't believe such a piece of garbage was approved for production.  This marks the last time I buy a product just because it has Cisco's name on it.   It's one thing to release a product that has bugs, quite another to release such grossly obvious and reproducible bugs, but to not address them at all is...   well it's a ripoff.

Cisco should be ashamed.