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WAP4410N and WRT610N Cant Bridge Wirelessly in 802.11N

I have two buildings across the street from each other and purchased the WAP4410N on advice of a tech support rep at Cisco who stated I would be able to bridge the two locations with the WAP4410N and my current router WRT610N in N mode however todate 8 month later I've gotten no success in bridging in N but I've been successful in G, but the connection is spotty (not to mention VERY SLOW) as it's just out on the verge of being out of range. for the four tech's who've opened cases they agree this is possible but have been unable to get this to work in their lab or onsite here and close the case after they give up since there is at least A bridge irregardless of how poor of a job it's doing.

Has anyone been able to bridge in N mode? If so any advice as to the specific settings you have been able to use to connect? If not, or you can verify why not, what additional changes I will need to make.

and yes I am aware that running a line would be a better option, but it would be $3k to have the pipe just across the street let alone the burial quality cat5 costs

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Re: WAP4410N and WRT610N Cant Bridge Wirelessly in 802.11N

A reasonable solution would be not use the wrt610n and get a wrvs4400n version 2.  Your connecting up a consumer product up to a small business product and in the past i have seen issues with stable and reliable connections.  The wap4410n and the Wrvs4400n have what is called WDS that they can use to make the bridge connect up and be more stable for you.  It would be a less expensive option than burying a line.

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