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WAP4410N automatic reboot


We have about 20 of the above WAPs in our company network and are quite satisfied with the performance.

However occasionally we need to manually reboot the WAPs in order to resolve sporadic connectivity issues that cannot be resolved on the client devices. In order to optimize the performance we would like to automatically restart our WAPs at a certain time (e.g. at night) on a daily or weekly basis.

Can you offer us a way to do that?

We are currently using WAP4410N-fw-

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Stani Anguelov

New Member

Re: WAP4410N automatic reboot

Many others have the same issue.  Yes, a reboot of the AP solves the problem, but should not be necessary.  No word from Cisco regarding their ability to reproduce the problem or when a fix might be forthcoming.

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Re: WAP4410N automatic reboot

Thanks Gloomrider.

Has anyone shared any reboot-solutions so far? If yes, I would be curious to know which ones have proven successful.


Re: WAP4410N automatic reboot

As of now, the wap4410n does not have a function to automatically make it reboot at a certain time.  You might could get a device that you could connect to the wap4410n to make it reboot with a call or some automatic function.  But at the moment we don't have anything for the wap4410n.

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Re: WAP4410N automatic reboot

Hi there,

even though there is no way to reset the Router automatically from the front-end, a cUrl call will do. This can be automated depending on your host system.

You'll need cUrl, a lightweight comand line HTTP Client. It can be downloaded for all major platforms at

Also you will need a way to Base64 encode and URLEncode a String. Take your username and password and first Base64Encode them, then URLEncode them. If you're unsure how to do this, Google will happily give you several online tools for doing the job. If you're paranoid, you can also sniff the HTTP Traffic of your Routers Online Interface or read out the Cookies to get the properly encoded strings required for the call.

$ curl --data "DeviceReboot=1&todo=restart&

--cookie "LoginName=LOGINNAME;LoginPWD=LOGINPASSWORD" -v http://ROUTERADDR/Reboot.htm

Replace LOGINNAME and LOGINPASSWORD with your Username and Password respectively. Make sure to Base64Encode *and* URLEncode them. ROUTERADDR is the IP Address or Hostname of your router.

Works very well with firmware version


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