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WAP4410N force LAN speed

Thank you Dave, however, I hope you are not suggesting this is a final fix.  If so then Wireless N is not a feature of this device, especially for multimedia files that require larger bandwidth.  I could have spent far less on a product that would have worked.  Is Cisco looking at a final fix for this?


Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Hi Bill  et al,

I managed to speak with the Product Manager (PM) for the WAP4410N today. I mentioned to him, I would update the community with the current state of play as of today.  I'm sure I'll be corrected by a colleague, if anything I state is inaccurate or creates ambiguity. :)

1. Stephanie Reaves kindly posted,  in a reference above, a link to the recently released software. The new software release notes did state "enable “Force LAN Port Speed to 100M” to resolve the issue."

Lets make it clear, setting the WAP to 100M  is not a fix,  it is a work around or short term resolution to keep you and your customers up and running.

What does the fix do

2.  Enable “Force LAN Port Speed to 100M, from what the PM suggested, causes the WAP to  advertise only 10Mbsec and 100Mbsec options in a autonegotiation process.

On reflection, this makes perfect sense, as the WAP may be connected to a unmanaged switch, and as such the end user cannot manually set port speeds on the unmanaged switch. So this work around with the new software,  still auto negotiates speed and duplex, with your managed or unmanaged switch.

3.  IF, and I emphasize IF you are experiencing  a copper link or bridging link failure at gigabit copper speeds, set the WAP to force LAN port speed to 100M according to the release notes. Again, it is hoped, within your environment,  that there should be no need to manually set speeds or duplexes to the switch port the WAP4410N is connected to.

I want to make it clearly understood, and i will repeat myself,  this problem does not affect all WAP4410N in the field now, but only a  very small number of WAPs are encountering this problem. The problem is evident only in certain combination of switch brand/model and WAP4410N.

Summary and long term fix

We apprecaiate your business and realise you paid for a gig ethernet copper port on the WAP4410N.

As mentioned in the release notes "WAP4410N now has an additional external crystal to its PHY chip for reducing clock jitter when it works with some gigabit switches."

We should have stock to be able to RMA  affected WAP4410N in about a months time, I do not have specifics dates at this minute, but the PM will pass on dates when he knows the dates himself.

So, your long term fix will be to contact the Small Business Support Center (SBSC) soon, not now.  The technician will authorize a RMA of affected unit or units.

Again, i will repeat myself,  the PM will update us when he specifically knows when we have version V02 stock available for RMA purposes and i will update this post.

But in the mean time try the work around, your end users should still notice the benefits of wireless N compared to wireless G.


Dave Hornstein

Cisco Small Business Channel Systems Engineer

Research Triangle Park

Raleigh  NC

New Member

Re: WAP4410N stops responding

I contacted Cisco Small Business support today and spoke with a technition about this problem.

(I was not aware of this thread before calling)

I mentioned that I saw there was a hardware revision 2 which states it solves this problem.
He told me that he was not aware of a hardware revision 2 of the WAP4410N.
He did however mention that I should look here to see if anyone has some info on the hardware revision 2.

I'm glad you mention the hardware revision 2.
You said it will be about a month before the units are actualy in though?
I was thinking of calling again in about a month to get my RMA, do you think I can call sooner?

Re: WAP4410N stops responding

Hi Fratianid,

Like yourself, I do hope the V02 units arrive obviously sooner than later.  No one, not the   Product Manager (PM),  yourself, myself,  my Cisco colleagues or my customers like this situation, whereby you are not getting  full benefit of the WAP4410N copper ethernet port link speed.

Are you ever running full utilization over the Copper GigE port, never, but you did pay for a copper GigE port not a 100meg copper port.

Your clients will, with this work around,  still see significant improvement in wireless performance compared to wireless G.

I will keep this posting updated when i hear more from the PM

regards Dave

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