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WAP4410N Frequency

What frequency does the WAP operate in when in N-Only mode?  It appears that 802.11n runs in 5GHz and/or 2.4GHz. However, when choosing N-Only, the channel drop-down only shows 2.4GHz frequencies.  Is the 5GHz frequency hard-coded or just not used?

I purchased a pair of WAP4410N's and two 5GHz antennas to go with them, but the range is terrible (so far only about 100 feet).  The unit is doing better with the bundled antennas.



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Re: WAP4410N Frequency

Single Radio 2,4Ghz

No 5Ghz support

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Re: WAP4410N Frequency

Agreed. Early "n" generally was of the bg flavor, if you need agb support you must get something like a WAP610n "Dual Band" AP or similar. Of course that's a consumer line that has no multi-SSID or VLAN support. Not sure of a good agb business AP, would be interested in recommendations.

Note: Many notebook "n" adapters are bg style only, so there would be no help with a agb AP anyway. Right now the most interesting use I see for agb routers is Mesh networking, where the bg frequency is used for clients, and the a frequency is used for the mesh backhaul.

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