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WAP4410N I don't get it............sorry

I've just setup my WRVS4400N Router which went without a hitch! The WAP4410N Access Point on the other hand is a different matter. I've reached a point where I don't know if I am asking it to do something it is not capable of!

Quite simply, I'm trying to setup the Access Point to extend the wireless network of the WRVS4400N. I do not have the ability to connect it to a switch by ethernet cable, but want it to work like an "Apple Airport Express" whereby it extends the wirless network without the need to be plugged into anything (except power).

Is this possible and if so, what AP settings should I use?! If its not possible, is there another product I can choose to do what I need?!

Sorry and thanks in advance for your input!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: WAP4410N I don't get it............sorry

You don't want an access point but a repeater. The WAP4400N cannot be configured as repeater.

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Re: WAP4410N I don't get it............sorry

Gerald is correct, you do want to setup the access point as a repeater...  And yes, the WAP4410N (not the WAP4400N) does have the option to configure it in "WDS repeater" mode...

Thank you,


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Re: WAP4410N I don't get it............sorry

Thanks Darren for the quick reply. Details as follows:

  • Was set up as "Wireless WDS Repeater" and used the site survey option to obtain the "mac address" of the router
  • Using same channel (Channel 1) for both router and access point
  • Access Point IP
  • Router IP
  • Under Diagnostics, Access Point will not ping the router's IP address i.e. won't even load the screen to say its trying (??)
  • Router successfully Pings the Access Point
  • Have setup separate SSID names for Router and Access Point
  • Wireless client (Macbook Pro) can see and log on to access point SSID and signal strength is great, but I cannot get access to the internet once wirelessly connected to the access point (using Macbook Pro)
  • Can connect the Macbook Pro wirelessly to the router when within range and internet access is fine

If the setup is OK, then I'm puzzled as to why I can get internet access through the access point operating as a "Wireless WDS Repeater" ??

Thanks again.



Re: WAP4410N I don't get it............sorry

Try setting the Access point in client/repeater mode.

I believe this will give you the best results for what you are looking for also i would leave the access point at

Try these settings and let us know how this works for you



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