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WAP4410N - Losing connectivity...

I just bought two WAP4410N's and I was going to use them as a wireless bridge.  I put them about 100 feet apart, configured them as a wireless bridge and I was able to ping across the wireless to the device on the other I needed to access. I thought this was going to be a great solution.  Then about 15 minutes later, I lost connectivity to the far side.  I reset both devices and it came back up for a short time, and then it went down again.  Both devices are still powered up but the wireless point to point link goes down.  Is this a bug or some sort?  Anyone have any idea?

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Re: WAP4410N - Losing connectivity...

Check for the antenna alignment between the bridges. Use the alignment utility for best signal reception. For further troubleshtooing refer the document

Intermittent Connectivity Issues in Wireless Bridges on

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Re: WAP4410N - Losing connectivity...

I am getting the exact same issue.  Figured you found out what the fix was since there have

not been any more postings.  Please help.  This thing is a thorn in my side right now. Have been

through the support and got both replaced with brand new units and still same thing. Just went down

this morning and it will not come back up.  Guess it is time for another drive out there.

Tom in NJ

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Re: WAP4410N - Losing connectivity...

No I never did figure it out.  I returned them... I called support and they basically had no answers.  They offered me the replacement as well but since they were a few days old I went the RMA route.  I went with Netgear WG102's and have been very happy with them.

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