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WAP4410N PoE (and other) Problems


I own two WAP4410N-E V02 Access Points and I am (too) experiencing loads of problems even after upgrading both to the BETA Software Version

As most other users keep reporting, the router, for no apparent reason, will stop allowing connections after a given amount of time. The maximum I got my AP to stay "working" was for almost 19.5 hours!!! Several of £9.99 Netgear DG384G have stayed connected for YEARS without a SINGLE failure!!!

The MOST annoying problem I have is that my WAP4410N-E V02 Access Point is NOT working with PoE and I am having the exact same problem as described on here: and my PoE is NOT a "green" PoE EEE (Energy-efficiet Ethernet) 802.3az PoE, just in case Cisco support try to blame the PoE!

And before you ask, my PoE Switch is fully IEEE 802.3af (Power over  Ethernet) compatible and delivers up to 12.5 Watts per port where the WAP4410N-E V02 has a Max power draw of 10.1W....

1) With cable connected in Wireless AP connect other end of cable to PoE switch

2)  POE indicated lights up on Wireless AP, followed by Yellow (right  hand-side) LED on switch port and POWER lights up on wireless AP

3) Green (left hand-side) LED on switch port blinks together with ETHERNET light on Wireless AP

4) POWER on Wireless AP blinks followed by ETHERNET on Wireless AP

5) WIRELESS on Wireless AP lights up

6) Suddenly all LEDs on Wireless switch off and POE dims to off followed by LEDs on swtich port

7) the above will start all over again!!!

The same PoE switch successfuly delivers PoE to other PoE devices including one device with higher demands than the Cisco AP!

The SAME problem happens even if I disconnect all other devices and the PoE switch has up to 38.5 Watts available!!!

Also to point out that after a factory reset the AP gets an IP address of, but NO other network info via DHCP so the only way to configure it is to directly connect it to a PC! This is just unacceptable!

I am deeply unhappy with this product and the amounts of hours I have spent configuring it, testing it, re-booting it, upgrading it etc etc

I have never had a single problem like this with any of my netgear products and cisco supposed to be better and it is more expensive!

So why are we paying the extra money for? The name? Because is not for the quality for sure!!!!

I will NEVER EVER not only buy another single Cisco product, but as an IT Consultant, I will NEVER, EVER sugest CISCO for ANYHTING, except if Cisco admits that this product was a total failure and agrees to replace it straight away with another (hopefully more tested) product!

In here I can see nothing but problems (and exaclty the same problems may I add) with everyone! And all Cisco is trying to do is blame others like "it is the fault of the "PoE" switch, "have you checked this" or "have you checked that"

Come on Cisco! Admit that the product was a failure and agree to replace it for eveyone that was unluky enough to buy it! At the end of the day, most of us are IT specialists that have better things to spend their billable hours on than trying to resolve problems on a product that was a total failure!

If Cisco support wants me to spend more hours to try silly suggestions, usless firmware and try to blame other equipment that works well with ALL OTHER probucts connected to it EXCEPT the WAP4410N, I have no problem with that, but please give me your billing address so I can charge you my wasted hours on testing your product directly. I have no problem with that.

I will exept nothing else than replacement with a better product with similar feautures! Not more waiting for a year at a time for firmware updates that do NOTHING!

George, London, UK.

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